Cometic MLS Head Gasket Mitsubishi 4G63T Lancer Evo 4 5 6 7 8 9 IV V VI VII VIII IX 86mm 0.066″ 1.68mm


The Cometic MLS (Multi Layer Steel) head gasket is comprised of three, stainless steel layers for increased strength, its ability to rebound and corrosion resistance. The outer layers of the gasket are embossed and coated on both sides with a Vitton rubber based material which is heat resistant to 482°F and Cometic has won our trust in the 4G63 community.

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Provide maximum sealing performance for today’s high output engines and require no sealants Ideal for aluminum heads to aluminum blocks and aluminum heads to cast iron blocks withstanding the shearing force created by the two materials. No need to re-torque, the embossing design of the MLS gasket promotes an even clamp load across the sealing surface allowing for measurable reduced bore distortion Cometic MLS Gaskets are comprized of multiple layers of stainless steel due to it’s increased strength, ability to rebound and resistance to corrosion.