Precision 46mm Wastegate VBand Flange Bolt on Upgrade for Tial MVR 44mm WG


Precision 46mm Wastegate including 3 different stiffness springs, both V-Band Flanges, Clamps, and all installation hardware. This wastegate will bolt on to an existing Tial 44mm Wastegate flange, but has a 2mm larger valve opening so it will flow more. Its a bolt on upgrade for current Tial 44mm users.

Wastegates are an essential part of any turbocharged powerplant. Controlling boost not only ensures that you are maintaining the correct pressures for the fuel you are running, but it also prevents overboost situations where the turbocharger is forced to spin faster than it would like. In these instances, you actually can loose horsepower, as the air is being super-heated by the compressor.

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This Precision unit will handle boost control duties flawlessly when placed in a well designed system. 

Precision Turbo and Engine’s high-quality yet economical PW46 46mm external wastegate is perfect for the automotive enthusiast looking to get the most from their turbocharged car, truck or any other vehicle. 

The 46mm Precision Turbo and Engine PW46 external wastegate features the following: 
• High grade, high temperature stainless steel and billet aluminum components for the best in strength, style and functionality at an affordable price 
• A 347 stainless investment cast valve body to provide consistent performance without fatigue or failure while also allowing for accurate boost control 
• An internal Nickel Chromium Alloy valve 
• 5 different 17-7 precipitation hardened springs for further adjustment of boost levels 
• Standard clamp-style flange configuration for easy mounting 
• A satin black anodized finish with 6061 aluminum billet cap 
• All clamps necessary for installation

The PTE PW46 external wastegate is designed to be a direct fit replacement for other units on the market and is compatible with most aftermarket manual or electronic boost controllers for ease of use.

As an added bonus, all 46mm Precision Turbo PW46 wastegates are warranted to be free from manufacturer’s defect for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles!